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Welcome to South West Works, we only offer the "best driveway installations" in Upton St Leonards homes and businesses.

With over 20 years experience as a driveway company, our expertise means we have become of on the most trusted & reliable driveway companies in Upton St Leonards.

Trusted | Reliable | Local Upton St Leonards Driveways

Choosing the right Upton St Leonards Driveway Company

We do understand how important it is to get the “right driveway company”, which firstly is why we are genuinely local to Upton St Leonards and believe in “buying locally”.

Having worked on 100’s of properties around Upton St Leonards, we are able to offer reference jobs & sites for you to have a look from old to new.

For a New driveway quote call Upton St Leonards 01452 270223 now.

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What does our Upton St Leonards Driveway Company Offer?

South West Works offers a free advice and design for your driveway, paths, entrance porches, patios and landscaping

We use a high quality paving, laid to British standards from the leading manufactures such as Marshalls, Blockleys and Natural Paving. These products are constructed to the highest industry standards and will look stunning for years.

With our guarantees, it is important that you have the right drainage for a clear run off and can move existing drains and drain covers to give you a complete look and safe driveway.

  • Block Paving Driveways
  • Tarmac / tarmacadam Driveways
  • Gravel & Shingle Driveways
  • Resin Bond/Bound Driveways
  • Feature driveways
  • Edging and Walling
  • Brick pillars and gate entrance pillars
  • Security and entrance lighting
  • Mix of driveway materials to create zones.
  • 10 year manufacture guarantee
  • 5 year work guarantee
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Driveway repairs

For more information about our Upton St Leonards driveway services call now 01452 270223

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Approved contractor for local councils

As a Street Works Approved Contractor, South West Works has reliable qualifications for driveway installations in Upton St Leonards. We have completed work throughout the UK for companies such as Clowes DevelopmentsGBR Phoenix Beard (now Savills), SAMAC, SITAStockford AndersonTesco and Travelodge.

We work closely with many UK councils, including:

What other services are offered by our Upton St Leonards driveway team?

We offer a wide range of surfacing services around the Upton St Leonards area, including: